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How to do things in Money
Are there any recommendations for assuring short- and long-term "survivability" of my Money data?
Can I do this, that, or the other with Money? Can the latest version of Money do this, that, or the other?
Help! I've lost my password. Now what do I do?
How can I prevent getting duplicate entries of Transfer transactions when importing accounts via .QIF?
How do I categorize multiple items all deposited at once? What about several paychecks?
How do I find out about the free credit reports/bill pay/financial consultation/tax filing?
How do I make Money work for other WinNT/Win2k/XP Pro users?
I just got married/divorced/re-married. How do I change the names that show up on the Money home page?
I setup a Passport for access to my file because I thought I needed to, now I realize Passport is evil. How do I get rid of it?
I'm using Windows XP and want to have two users access the same Money file. What's the easiest way to do this?
Is there a way to mark several hundred old transactions as reconciled in one step?
Money opens with my old email address. How do I tell it about my new one?
What if I don't want to use Money with Passport authentication?
What is the -s option? What is the Super Salvage utility?
How to do things in Money: Accounts/Categories/Payees
How can I note that, say, Automobile : Gasoline expenses applied to a specific car?
How do I setup a money market account as a checking account?
I've entered charges in my credit card account, when I pay the bill aren't I spending twice? Is my card a category or account?
My Credit Card Payments don't show up in Spending Reports--how come?
When should I create an Account instead of a Payee? Aren't Payees just Accounts? Or is my Payee really a Category?
Why don't my car Loan Payments show up as an expense in monthly expense reports?
How to do things in Money: Data/File Management
Can a new version of Money open my old version data file/backup file/backup diskette(s)?
Can I access my file on my desktop over my home network from my laptop?
How do I backup to CD-RW? CD-R?
How do I move accounts from one Money file to another?
How do I start over with a new data file?
How do I un-archive?
I just archived. But there are many transactions left from before the archive date. Why?
I just bought a new computer with the current Money pre-installed. How do I transfer my data from the old version/old machine?
I just reinstalled M98--it can't read my data backup floppies. Now what?
What is this .LRD file with the same name as my Money data file? Should I worry about it?
What should I do to close the year in my data file? Should I archive?
When I archive, Money complains that my floppy disk is full. How can this possibly be?
Where is Money hiding my data from me? In the registry? In the ether?
How to do things in Money: Downloaded transaction data
I imported a statement to the wrong account. Now Money wants to keep repeating this mistake. How do I undo this?
If downloaded data is so much trouble, why even use Money? Or, why use Money if you have type in all of the transaction data?
Money says my PIN for getting my account activity must be six digits. It’s four and works fine on their web site. What gives?
My bank offers several formats of file for download and import. Which should I pick?
When I download account data, my scheduled transfer from Checking to [Visa] gets duplicated in the respective accounts. Why?
When I download data from my bank, Money grabs the file. How do I make it stop?
Why are my credit card charges showing as credits not debits?
How to do things in Money: Financial Situations
How can I transfer money (to / from) the loan I (made / borrowed)?
How do I 'mark' money in an account for future use so I don't spend it now?
How do I budget an expected wage increase without changing my scheduled paycheck?
How do I create different payee information for two accounts with the same payee?
How do I handle employer reimbursable expenses?
How do I treat my income tax refund/bill for the prior year?
How do I treat taxable fringe benefits (imputed income)?
How do other users account for ATM withdrawals?
I don't want to send the whole amount of my phone bill this month, but how do I categorize the whole expense?
I entered a transaction for something I bought. Now I returned the thing for credit. How do I enter that?
I get a pay advance on the 15th and a full paycheck less the advance at the end of the month. How do I track this in Money?
I paid the phone bill, but my roommate owes me half of it. How do I track that in Money?
I'm distributing my 401(k)/withdrawing from my IRA--how do I categorize the transfer as income?
I've been lazy and haven't balanced in months. How do I catch up?
Money won't let me make a Loan Payment from my Paycheck. Why not? What do I do?
My wife and I have two accounts at the same bank with different passwords. How do I enter two passwords in Money?
Why don't my transfers to savings show up under some category in my budget?
How to do things in Money: Investments
How can I adjust the asset allocation of my investments?
How come Money whines about a symbol used on a deleted investment? Why are deleted investments not really?
How come my bond fund investment is off by a factor of 100?
How do I download/import historical quotes?
How do I fix bad investment names in the Buy Investment/CD pull-down?
How do I handle a mutual fund merger?
How do I rename an Investment Cash Account?
How do I setup a 401(k) loan?
How do I track savings bonds in Money? Tracking them as a CD doesn't seem to provide a way to track their value.
How do you change a mutual fund investment to money market investment?
I bought a $1,000 bond for $850--Money tells me it cost $85. What gives?
I don't hold investments anymore but they still show on the investments page. Why?
I hold the same investment in two accounts. But when I try to enter the same symbol again Money complains. Why?
My 401(k) cash account is going negative. How do I enter employer contributions?
How to do things in Money: Mortgages and stuff
How do I record additional principal paid with my house payment?
How should I handle my mortgage escrow account?
I just made an extra principal payment to a loan. Why can't I just use Transfer to show this in Money?
I just refinanced my mortgage; how do I enter all of this into Money?
I just took out an interest only mortgage; how do I setup such a loan in Money?
We just sold our house--how do we account for this in Money?
We just wrote an earnest money check to buy a house. How do we deal with all of this in Money?
How to do things in Money: Option Settings
How can I make this infernal MoneySide thing go away?
How do I stop Money from talking to me?
How do I turn off the ads?
I keep changing my Tools|Options settings but they keep changing back. Why?
I made the cash flow forecast and upcoming bills disappear from my register. How do I get them back?
What is the icon in my SysTray? How do I turn it off? How do I get it back?
Why do I have to create an entry in the Payees every time I spend money somewhere new?
How to do things in Money: Printing and Reports
How do I get Money to print my name and address and the MICR information on my checks?
How do I get rid of all of these Monthly Reports? They must be why my file is so big.
When I print several sheets of checks the check numbers get reversed. Why?
Why can't Money do a Print Preview? What can I do to get around this?
Why doesn't Money have something like the Reconciliation Report in Quicken?
Are there any other voodoo tricks that might solve my problem?
How come my account keeps having the starting balance not match the statement?
I can't download quotes since installing M03. What do I do?
I just installed M06, it refuses to upgrade my M98 [or 99 or ???] version file. Why? What do I do?
I just reinstalled Money/moved my file to a new machine. Now Money wants a password to open my file. I've never used one. Why?
I thought Money files were supposed to be upward compatible. How come Money[new] crashes when upgrading my Money[old] data file?
Money appears to hang when I enter transactions. Why?
Money crashes when I first start the application or open my regular data file. How come? What next?
The font size in Money is too small for me to read. How can I enlarge it?
Why do I get the 'incompatible versions' message when upgrading my data file?
Why is Money so slow?
Issues: "Corruption"
Can you tell me more about the remarkable new Nuke-the-Bills miracle repair method?
I see checks to be printed. Money says there aren't any. What gives?
I think my file has been corrupted. How do I tell? What do I do then?
Money says 'This operation cannot be completed.' What's up with that?
Money says 'This transaction cannot be entered.' What's up with that?
Issues: "Known" "Bugs"
After I added MSN Bill Pay to online services, Money 2002 stops downloading direct bank statements. Why?
How come my cash flow forecast refuses to display?
Money Help keeps whining about script errors, unable to load topic, or similar nonsense. Why? What can I do about it?
My scheduled bill (deposit, transfer, etc.) just morphed from a normal split into a Paycheck. What's up with that?
When I go into Tax Estimator, the display is garbled. What can I do about this?
Why do I get a disk space error installing Money 2002? I have gigabytes of free disk space.
What does the envelope with the lightning mean on a scheduled payment?
What does the lightning bolt next to the account name mean?
What is the 'bleeding envelope' icon in the register?
I can't find where to download Money updates on the Microsoft web site. Why not?
Is Money better than Quicken?
Is there/when will there be a Mac version of Microsoft Money?
What's the difference between the various Money packages? Between M03 and previous versions? What's new in M03?
When will the next version of Money release? What will it do?
Conversion, Programmability, External interfaces
Can Money import my Quicken data? How about my current version Quicken data?
How do I access the Money API (OLE, XML, ODBC, object model, Jet database, MSISAM database, etc)?
How do I export to Excel (or .TXT, .XML, .CSV)?
How do I import from Excel (or .CSV or etc.)?
I've decided to convert from Money to Quicken. How do I do this?
Support Issues
How can I make my posts here more likely to get answers?
I've been using M95 on Win95 happily for years now. All of a sudden I have a problem. Why can't anybody here help?
What's the worst thing that happens if I don't buy a Money version upgrade?
Where else can I go for help?
Why doesn't Microsoft issue a fix for this terrible problem immediately?
Why won't anybody answer my question posted here?
Why won't Microsoft Support answer my question posted here?
Why won't the MVPs answer my question posted here?
Complaint Department
How can I sort credits before debits in the register view?
I think this new version is terrible. How do I exercise the 30-day Money Back Guarantee?
I've been reading this newsgroup and wondering: why is Money so full of bugs?
I've got a really neato feature idea. How do I get it to Microsoft?
M97 (or earlier) stopped downloading quotes. What can I do about it?
What's this 'Savings & Spending Budget'? Where's the real budget tool?
What's up with this expiration date for online services I read about in the EULA?
Why is my Money file so large?
Complaint Department: Why doesn't Money…
Back to the check stock question: Isn't it obvious that Money should print the MICR data?
How do I change the category groups?
How do I schedule a bill to recur every six weeks/third year/fourth Wednesday of the month?
I want to use a different budget month/financial year. Where do I set this in Money?
Why can't I schedule a Loan Payment with pre-assigned classification?
Complaint Department: Microsoft is Evil
I think open source software is pants! Why won't Microsoft release the Money source code under the GPL?
I think Quicken is pants! (Or, Quicken has some neat feature Money doesn't.) Why don't you all change to Quicken?
Must I really install version Y of IE for Money? I prefer version X; version Y is evil. This must be a conspiracy…
Why do I have to use Passport authentication with Money?
Why does Money Setup insist on installing Internet Explorer? I despise Internet Explorer…
Complaint Department: Help me! Help me!
How do I convert my data back to a previous version of Money? I upgraded and now I wish I hadn't.
How do I do batch submittals of Epays?
I bought Money online. Now I need to reinstall but have lost the download/key. What do I do?
I don't want to disable Norton Anti Virus to install Money. What's the workaround? Why doesn't Microsoft fix this?
I just got a new PC with Money Essentials. It won't open my Mxx Deluxe data file. Why not?
I just moved my Money file to a new computer. All of a sudden Money wants a password. Why?
I tried the (M03) trial version and didn't like it. Now (M2K) wants a password to open my file. What gives?
I want to transfer my copy of Money from my old computer to my new one--why can't I just copy the files?
I'm having one of an infinite number of possible problems with downloaded transaction data. Why doesn't Money work better?
I'm having problems with Money. Should I reinstall the application?
Money is using 100% CPU/reported 'not responding.' Isn't this a crisis? So I killed it…
What happened to 'Updated'/~/multiple recurrences/multi-select balance and enter on my scheduled transactions?
Why don't budgeting, cash flow projection and debt reduction planner produce sane results?
You must help me! My only floppy backup has a data error reading. What do I do?
Complaint Department: Money 2005/6
I bought M05 Standard because M04 Standard did everything I needed. Where's Forecast Cash Flow?
I just reloaded M05. Now it crashes when I start it. Why?
M05 always wants to connect to the Internet. Why?
M05 seems to have cut back on the on-line help resources. Doesn't this seem backwards?
My account numbers are alphanumeric. How come they display as XXXXXnnnn in the M05 Account List?
My transaction data is only available via Yodlee. Why must I store my data on the web to download transactions?
We had Transfer and Credit Card Payment in M04. What's with Credit Card Payments/Transfer added in M05?
What happened to Money Express in M05?
What happened to the option to see Single Category Lists? Now it's all I can see in M05.
What happened to the register view spending thermometers and forecast cash flow in M05?
What happened to version 13?
Who/what is Yodlee that M05 keeps talking about?
Why did the upgrade to M05 mangle Food:Groceries to Groceries? How do I undo this?

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