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Limitations: Some Money features are not covered here as well as others. In particular, I do not use any of the network bill pay and statement features and am relatively unfamiliar with features for stock options and have treated few related issues here out of ignorance. I also don't use the frequent flier features and will skip the grocery coupon tracker feature if and when it's added to Microsoft Money. Also, I haven't treated any issues peculiar to the * & Business versions since I've never used it, don't follow postings about it, and cannot judge good FAQs and answers for it from bad ones. Ditto Money Essential (hereafter, MEss) edition and, as a general rule, the Essential Register/Bills/Budget/Report/etc. modes.

Disclaimer:  This FAQ in not sponsored or endorsed by Microsoft. Microsoft and Microsoft Money are trademarks, registered or otherwise, of Microsoft Corporation and are used here without permission though possibly with the benefit of benign neglect. Other trademarks are probably used as well and are acknowledged here.

Full Disclosure: In July of 2006 I was awarded a Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) award for "MSN Money" (I always thought Money was an application, not a website/ISP/portal) in recognition of my toils in the newsgroup. That would be a non-issue relative to the FAQ were it not for the non-disclosure agreement I have signed. (The NDA allows me somewhat of an inside track, relatively speaking, in terms of my contacts with the Microsoftees who support and develop Money.) I also got some trinkets and a free copy of Money 2007 Deluxe. Readers will have to judge for themselves whether this makes me any more of an apologist or shill for Microsoft going forward. For what it's worth--potentially not much--the trinkets and the copy of Money are worth about what I spend on the web service and domain registration for the site per year. So, if I can be bought cheaply, I can be bought really cheaply. My MVP status was renewed in July of 2007.

Legal: Entire contents of this website © 2002-2006, Richard N. Watson. Permission is granted to use the text of questions and answers for non-commercial purposes, provided such use is attributed to the page.

Feedback: Contact Dick Watson with inputs, updates, comments, and suggestions. Corrections and submittals are welcome, but I reserve absolute right to edit and/or ignore these submittals for whatever reason including judgments about the question's status as a FAQ. I always strive to give credit where appropriate.

If you just want to write me to whine or harass, please skip it. Instead, go invest the time, energy and money in writing and hosting your own Unofficial Money FAQ.

I do not respond to unsolicited email about Microsoft Money that should have been posted to the newsgroup instead. Everybody benefits from new questions and interesting answers in the newsgroup and this benefit lives on via the archives. Private discussions don't provide this benefit.

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Last update: 10 March 2016

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