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Top 25 bestselling questions for the last month from this unofficial FAQ:
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I just refinanced my mortgage; how do I enter all of this into Money? 2344
How should I handle my mortgage escrow account? 2332
How do I record additional principal paid with my house payment? 2325
I just took out an interest only mortgage; how do I setup such a loan in Money? 2325
We just sold our house--how do we account for this in Money? 2324
I just made an extra principal payment to a loan. Why can't I just use Transfer to show this in Money? 2323
We just wrote an earnest money check to buy a house. How do we deal with all of this in Money? 2323
How do I change the category groups? 1232
Back to the check stock question: Isn't it obvious that Money should print the MICR data? 1228
How do I schedule a bill to recur every six weeks/third year/fourth Wednesday of the month? 1226
I want to use a different budget month/financial year. Where do I set this in Money? 1226
Why can't I schedule a Loan Payment with pre-assigned classification? 1226
I've entered charges in my credit card account, when I pay the bill aren't I spending twice? Is my card a category or account? 877
How can I note that, say, Automobile : Gasoline expenses applied to a specific car? 869
My Credit Card Payments don't show up in Spending Reports--how come? 868
How do I setup a money market account as a checking account? 867
When should I create an Account instead of a Payee? Aren't Payees just Accounts? Or is my Payee really a Category? 867
Why don't my car Loan Payments show up as an expense in monthly expense reports? 865
I think my file has been corrupted. How do I tell? What do I do then? 181
Can you tell me more about the remarkable new Nuke-the-Bills miracle repair method? 131
I see checks to be printed. Money says there aren't any. What gives? 127
Money says 'This transaction cannot be entered.' What's up with that? 126
Money says 'This operation cannot be completed.' What's up with that? 124
How do I setup a 401(k) loan? 123
My 401(k) cash account is going negative. How do I enter employer contributions? 121

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Last update: 9 February 2007

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