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Top 25 bestselling questions for the last month from this unofficial FAQ:
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I think my file has been corrupted. How do I tell? What do I do then? 1001
I see checks to be printed. Money says there aren't any. What gives? 952
Can you tell me more about the remarkable new Nuke-the-Bills miracle repair method? 950
Money says 'This operation cannot be completed.' What's up with that? 946
Money says 'This transaction cannot be entered.' What's up with that? 943
How do I setup a 401(k) loan? 546
I don't hold investments anymore but they still show on the investments page. Why? 542
How do you change a mutual fund investment to money market investment? 539
My 401(k) cash account is going negative. How do I enter employer contributions? 538
How do I fix bad investment names in the Buy Investment/CD pull-down? 537
How do I download/import historical quotes? 536
How come Money whines about a symbol used on a deleted investment? Why are deleted investments not really? 534
How do I handle a mutual fund merger? 534
How do I track savings bonds in Money? Tracking them as a CD doesn't seem to provide a way to track their value. 534
How come my bond fund investment is off by a factor of 100? 533
I hold the same investment in two accounts. But when I try to enter the same symbol again Money complains. Why? 533
I bought a $1,000 bond for $850--Money tells me it cost $85. What gives? 531
How can I adjust the asset allocation of my investments? 530
How do I rename an Investment Cash Account? 530
I just refinanced my mortgage; how do I enter all of this into Money? 509
I just took out an interest only mortgage; how do I setup such a loan in Money? 504
I just made an extra principal payment to a loan. Why can't I just use Transfer to show this in Money? 503
How should I handle my mortgage escrow account? 502
We just sold our house--how do we account for this in Money? 501
How do I record additional principal paid with my house payment? 496

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Last update: 9 February 2007

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