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Top 25 bestselling questions for the last month from this unofficial FAQ:
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I just refinanced my mortgage; how do I enter all of this into Money? 2712
I just took out an interest only mortgage; how do I setup such a loan in Money? 2698
We just sold our house--how do we account for this in Money? 2698
How should I handle my mortgage escrow account? 2697
We just wrote an earnest money check to buy a house. How do we deal with all of this in Money? 2697
How do I record additional principal paid with my house payment? 2693
I just made an extra principal payment to a loan. Why can't I just use Transfer to show this in Money? 2693
Where is Money hiding my data from me? In the registry? In the ether? 1063
I just bought a new computer with the current Money pre-installed. How do I transfer my data from the old version/old machine? 90
How do I import from Excel (or .CSV or etc.)? 86
What is this .LRD file with the same name as my Money data file? Should I worry about it? 84
How do I setup a 401(k) loan? 83
Can I access my file on my desktop over my home network from my laptop? 80
How do I move accounts from one Money file to another? 80
I don't hold investments anymore but they still show on the investments page. Why? 80
How do I rename an Investment Cash Account? 79
How do I un-archive? 79
How do I handle a mutual fund merger? 76
I hold the same investment in two accounts. But when I try to enter the same symbol again Money complains. Why? 76
I just reinstalled M98--it can't read my data backup floppies. Now what? 76
I think my file has been corrupted. How do I tell? What do I do then? 76
Can a new version of Money open my old version data file/backup file/backup diskette(s)? 75
How come Money whines about a symbol used on a deleted investment? Why are deleted investments not really? 75
How do I access the Money API (OLE, XML, ODBC, object model, Jet database, MSISAM database, etc)? 75
How do I start over with a new data file? 75

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Last update: 9 February 2007

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