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Top 25 bestselling questions for the last month from this unofficial FAQ:
Question Hits
When should I create an Account instead of a Payee? Aren't Payees just Accounts? Or is my Payee really a Category? 1813
I've entered charges in my credit card account, when I pay the bill aren't I spending twice? Is my card a category or account? 1810
How do I setup a money market account as a checking account? 1808
Why don't my car Loan Payments show up as an expense in monthly expense reports? 1808
How can I note that, say, Automobile : Gasoline expenses applied to a specific car? 1806
My Credit Card Payments don't show up in Spending Reports--how come? 1806
Why is my Money file so large? 429
What's this 'Savings & Spending Budget'? Where's the real budget tool? 423
What's up with this expiration date for online services I read about in the EULA? 421
I think this new version is terrible. How do I exercise the 30-day Money Back Guarantee? 418
I've been reading this newsgroup and wondering: why is Money so full of bugs? 418
I've got a really neato feature idea. How do I get it to Microsoft? 417
M97 (or earlier) stopped downloading quotes. What can I do about it? 417
How can I sort credits before debits in the register view? 409
Who/what is Yodlee that M05 keeps talking about? 151
I think my file has been corrupted. How do I tell? What do I do then? 149
How do I setup a 401(k) loan? 135
I just refinanced my mortgage; how do I enter all of this into Money? 134
How should I handle my mortgage escrow account? 132
I just took out an interest only mortgage; how do I setup such a loan in Money? 129
We just wrote an earnest money check to buy a house. How do we deal with all of this in Money? 129
I just made an extra principal payment to a loan. Why can't I just use Transfer to show this in Money? 128
How do I track savings bonds in Money? Tracking them as a CD doesn't seem to provide a way to track their value. 127
We just sold our house--how do we account for this in Money? 127
Where is Money hiding my data from me? In the registry? In the ether? 127

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Last update: 9 February 2007

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