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About the microsoft.public.money newsgroup

The microsoft.public.money Usenet newsgroup provides a user-to-user support vehicle for assistance and discussion related to the Microsoft Money personal financial management software application.

Microsoft first propagated the newsgroup from their news servers. Many other Usenet news servers have hosted the group, though many users report problems with propagation and retention of postings on the non-Microsoft servers. As the average computer user got farther from the Usenet ideal geek, Microsoft exposed the newsgroups via their support web pages as the "Microsoft Community Newsgroups". Though the Microsoft web site provides a more inviting and familiar interface to users unfamiliar with the more traditional newsreaders, many experienced users find the newsreaders more productive and more capable. Some people will certainly prefer using a newsreader to post since postings from the Microsoft site require Passport authentication. The Microsoft site continues to add ever-richer features for searching the Microsoft newsgroups; perhaps this is because they want to catch up with what is offered for all newsgroups by Google's Groups service. They have also added a "Suggestion" feature for tagging postings through their web site as suggestions and enabling readers of the newsgroup to "vote" on these suggestions. (Whether they ever tally the votes and care about the results is an open question.) Either way, underneath the covers, the newsgroup is still essentially a Usenet newsgroup.

The newsgroup is a vehicle to facilitate user-to-user support and community. While Microsoft employees occasionally lurk professionally and personally and on rare occasions acknowledge their presence, the newsgroup is not the place to get support from Microsoft, get their attention to your complaints, or get them interested in your product wishes. Better ways to accomplish these objectives are detailed at various places in the FAQ.

An introduction to Usenet newsgroups and newsreader applications is beyond the scope of this page and generally beyond the scope of the newsgroup though one of the regular posters can generally provide pointers to better sources of information. That having been said, you should be aware of one thing: postings to Usenet newsgroups are distributed worldwide in minutes and are archived various places essentially forever. For this reason, posting complete email addresses, phone numbers, and similar personal details to the newsgroup is probably not wise. Likewise, as with all Usenet newsgroups, you can assume that spammers and script kiddies worldwide will rapidly harvest an email address posted to the newsgroup in order to send you advertising and viruses via email. More information about Usenet newsgroups can be found by searching google.com.

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Last update: 13 November 2009

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